#DUGConf #ST28326 Deliver the Online Service Your Students Expect (Portal)

Michelle Clifton, Solutions Consultant – Datatel

The expectations of shopping and service
  • started with the general store and then moved to strip malls and then the SUPER Malls (all the stores I want in ONE place)…  NOW: Online Shopping!!

Evolution of Student Service
  • The paper & lines – there are still schools doing this?  OUCH!  &8 D
  • One-Stop Shop … built a building and then put all the departments in separate office
  • One-Stop Shop in Reality: The Portal
  • students want to be able to access things in the click of a button – online 
  • Now they want to access through mobile apps

Are you first or last?
  • First they check the social media sites to check on things and then go to the institution website to check and see if they are closed, etc…  they don’t come to “us”

Are you being downloaded?  More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded – 7 billion apps in the last year alone.

Datatel Mobile Access: MOX
  • Datatel Mobile is the most cost-effective and fully integrated mobile app for the community
  • Extended Colleague’s user experience outward in order to make it available anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Provide a cost-effective and powerful mobile platform
  • Being able to access phone listings on a mobile app

  • Need to TRAIN people to go to the Portal 
  • The Portal is the Connection:  CRM / Teaching & Learning / Reporting / Mobile / Colleague are all accessible through the Portal – people will go there to do their Daily Business plus we (the institution) can put out information that we want them to know (i.e. announcements, news)
  • Need to get students out there using WebAdvisor 
  • Team Sites: an area where you can have membership where there is a like interest – it can be restricted or open access – can share information with those specific individuals – Can send podcasts to the group and other Free resources – a great way to push out information
  • Documents: shared documents so that everyone is working on the most current document without having to send to people, etc.
  • Great place for group to share and collaborate
  • One department that can really use the mobile app could be your security (if they have smart phones)
  • Goal is to EXCEED their expectations!!
  • Personal Comments
    • Excellent list of the things that ARE on the website and what people WANT to see like academic calendar / list of faculty phones… things that are specific to your Community
    • I will beg to differ on her comment that you can get rid of all those fliers, posters and bulletin boards – talk to Any institution and they find that you just ADD to what you are doing… you can’t assume that all students want to see things the same way: email / Portal / announcements / fliers.  

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