#DUGConf #ST28180 Judicial Affairs Does Exist in Colleague

Michelle Clifton, Datatel


(personal comments)


What can I do in Colleague and what can I do in Retention Alert – that’s the conversation.


  • Introductions
  • FERPA Compliance
  • Judicial AFfairs Management in Colleague
  • Judicial Affairs Management Using Retention Alert
  • Next Steps


FERPA Compliance
  • Colleague: users will have limited access to details based on STAFF records & office code security
  • need to look at creating office codes for who has access to this information
  • RA: users will have restricted access based on roles & category types
  • can have it locked down or wide open – up to you!


Judicial Affairs in Colleague – can be by incident – currently a paper process based on the case… probably
  • CASM – Contact & Appointment Summary – Use the CASM form to view a summary of all incidents added to a student. You can detail on an incident to view further information – Is anyone else using this?  This is a CORE form – can be used by other departments so you can see what other departments are doing with that specific student.. puts everything in one place – This was in a release 2 years ago and I’ve never seen it – they have a list of things that are in a Judicial MENU (WTH!!!)
  • CON – Contact History: Use the CON form to record details about each incident
  • MSCH – Misc Scheduling – Use the MSCH Form to schedule hearings
  • Disciplinary Actions – enforce these disciplinary actions using restrictions – all of these things can be done through Colleague
  • Meet with an advisor
  • Log educational requirements
  • apply fines
  • communicate warnings & reprimands
  • place on probation
  • remove from on-campus housing
  • suspend or expel from the institution
  • NCWS – Noncourse Work Summary – Use the NCWS form to record projects, community service, or other work that must be completed by a student as a result of an incident
  • MCRG – Misc Charges / Credits Invoices – Use the MCRG form to apply fines to a student’s account (I believe we are using this for judicial affairs fines)
  • Communication
  • IPC – Individual Pending Correspondence – Use the IPC form to add documents to send to a student (crap – this is another communications management thing – when can I find the time to do this??? *sigh*)
  • IHS has all of the individuals history is kept there – this is where you can go instead of making those paper copies (but she hasn’t met my boss… *smile*)
  • SACS – Student Academic Standings – Use the SACS form to apply a probation code to a student’s record
  • RMAS – Room Assignment – Use the RMAS form to terminate a room assignment for a student – can TERMINATE their room assignment on an action
  • SWTH – Student Withdrawal – Use the SWTH to suspend or expel a student – this can be coded to notify people
  • PERC – Person Restrictions – Use the PERC form to apply a restriction to a student’s record


Judicial Affairs in Retention Alert – (I am not going to write a lot (or anything) about this because I think it is exactly what we need but I know that we aren’t going to get it… oh, and I’ve seen all this before and I like it)


Next Steps
  • Sign up for the Judicial Affairs course – April / June / December – one-day course
  • View Solutions demonstration
  • Request a Retention Alert Presentation
  • Who to contact: BusinessAdvisoryServices@datatel.com – there is a two person team assigned to support the services and software of your institution. (I don’t think ANYONE has ever asked to talk to Student Affairs – I can’t remember the last time we were included in a meeting… word on the street there was a meeting on-campus about Retention Alert but no one from Student Affairs was included – so we weren’t even at the table.


Tips / Comments
  • There are web demos online that we can look at
  • Can ask our client sales manager to show us Retention Alert but show it from the judicial affairs perspective
  • Clients.datatel.com – look for the Judicial Affairs training class – very HEAVY in the use of Communications management so has to be a User… they will be setting up and building codes (this is why we can’t do this – we don’t have the staff to do the setup – *sigh*)
  • Concern: don’t want other departments to know about judicial issues, etc. but there can be multiple cases for one person if you choose – you can code the judicial affairs cases so no one sees them but specific departments
  • The second question today where someone asked about utilizing Retention Alert for counseling meetings and privacy… using it as a vehicle to track their appointments – this is definitely doable
  • A student could open a case re: tutoring session – the institution was satisfied that the information was still confidential
  • Q: What about a subpoena – any database where you are capturing data about that student is part of the Student Record

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