#DUGConf ST28079 WebAdvisor meal Plan Change Form

Richard Lee – Lead Systems Analyst, Vermont State Colleges
Dianne Pollak, Director of Amin. Info Systems
**** This is a VERY fast presentation so I won’t be able to do it justice (personal comments).
Vermont State College system – 13,000 students –


The Force Behind the Project:
  • Eliminate paper
  • Encourage Self Service
  • 4 Colleges with 4 meal plans each
  • unlimited meal plan
  • 12 meal plan
  • 8 meal plan
  • 150 block
  • Each plan has 3 options


  • students are billed for the highest meal plan at all campuses
  • after billing, students can go into WebAdvisor and choose the meal plan that is best for them
  • the bill is a adjusted and a meal plan confirmation is emailed
  • a list of students and their selected meal plans is created for each dining facility


This Presentation
  • students bill
  • meal plan change screen – WebAdvisor
  • meal plan change screen – Portal
  • change confirmation – goes as an email
  • updated bill (there is a subroutine in Datatel that updates the info)
  • view student meal plan web log


The technical stuff: Under the Hood
  • form designer for Meal Plan Form (Colleague studio)
  • screen to enter office information and text for meal plan screen – the meal plan people actually update the information themselves – this is a custom screen
  • w3schools.com – favorite place to get html <tags>
  • CODE to populate the meal plan table for Web Form (WOW… can I had this to our Datatel programmer and get this done??!  I hope so)
  • Add New Record to Meal Plan File CODE
  • Post this meal plan assignment to the AR file using colleague subroutine CODE
  • Confirmation Email to Student CODE (html email through popmail)
  • Link on the food service web page back to the WebAdvisor page
  • 48 meal plan choices on EACH Campus
  • Were an early adopter for the SharePoint Server 2010 Portal
  • Screen DOES show the Current meal plan


  • Start & End dates?  Each campus has their own end dates
  • Through the regular billing process they are automatically billed at the highest rate and then they can adjust it in the system.
  • There is no automation between Meal Plan and the provider – they get a LIST of the students who are signed up through the system – the systems do not talk to one another currently.  Another school actually EMAILS any changes to the person in the company.
  • They don’t REQUIRE a top plan but it should be able to be done through programming so that it recognizes them when they log in – they have fewer choices or it says you are unable to make that choice


DATATEL:  Res Life Focus Groups – three one-hour meetings
  • working on three updates over the next year
  • first one – fixes auto room assignment and RMAS room assignment
  • hopefully other enhancements – hopefully Suites – looking to see what other schools are doing
  • Evaluating what the needs are, etc.

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