#DUGConf #ST27996 How to get the Most Out of Communications Management

Amy Adams, Assoc VP for Enrollment Services, Capital University – aadams@capital.edu


Capital University – Ohio – Fall 2010 Enrollment: 3629 including adults & traditional & JD program.


(personal notes/comments)


(***This session is going really really FAST and has a ton of very detailed screens – there is NO WAY to do it justice in simple notes but the notes attached to the session description on the conference site)



If Just starting CM
  • Need to plan naming convention and be consistent (limited to 8 characters)
  • Capital uses (for the most part):
  • Dept Letter / Code Type – example (R for Registrar / D for document: RRMTF = Reg missing Transient Form) and more…


Other Registrar Screens with Hooks
  • STHI – Student Hiatus
  • SWTH – Student Withdrawal
  • ARGT – Assign Registration Times
  • TRRQ – Transcript Requests
  • ENVR – Enrollment Verification Reqs
  • DREG – Deregistration
  • RGVE – Registration Verification
  • FASC – Faculty Section Assignment
  • ACLV – Academic Levels (attendance)
  • CDEF – Course / Section Defaults
  • ADPA – Admissions Parameters



Helpful Hints
  • Setup a separate paragraph with the signature information so it is easy to update for new staffing
  • Use the test account
  • Run PCB on specified dates to process the email documents (use Graduation Timeline)
  • Since establishing the Graduation track, have also developed these documents that are used in conjunction:
  • RDNGAP: Need Graduation Application – this goes out to seniors who should be coming up on graduation
  • RDGDEM: Need updated Email – this goes out to seniors graduating to get their none school


Example documents for Retention:
  • College Break Tips – you are going home, here’s how not to get on your parents nerve…
  • Registration Reminder – don’t forget you need to do the following in preparation for registration
  • Study Tips for Finals – stress relief and connecting
  • Undeclared Sophomore Email – Hi … are you still undeclared… were you planning to ever graduate?


They do Data Tracking projections based on their codes (Admissions) – but based on history



  • she used Communications Management for TWO Years before training and found out that the emails she had sent out did not go ANYWHERE – Wow!


Personal Comments:
  • I think that a session like this can really intimidate beginners – I feel like there is NO WAY I will EVER have time to do this unless I work at another institution and have four times as much staff… and that ain’t happening.  *sigh*
  • I rally want to start using Communications Management for Res Life but need the training and the setup time… ummm… and it’s not my job – &8 /   …. I think this could be used in Wellness also!!

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