#DUGConf Datatel User Group: Opening Session & Keynote

Looking forward to the things Datatel is offering re: mobile apps – definitely something we’re interested in.  

Mark Jones (at the company for 6mos) – Datatel Chief Client Officer talking:

  • ??    

Now is your chance to build your network

  • ??     Vendors partner is very important to the company
  • ??     ???Do More With Less???  – educators are experts of finding new ways to do things
  • ??    ???need to give you real ROI and help  (us) SELL to those at our institution
  • ??     ???We are only successful if (you) are Successful!???
  • Img_5724

    Molly Maley Gaik (VP of Conference Planning)

    • ??     

    8 Track Teams

  • ??      1700 attendees
  • ??      300 presentations / posters presentations / feedback forums / coffee talks
  • ??      MOX / UI 4.2 / Portal ??? new invoations for our institution
  • ??      Definite improvement in the use of technology at the conference including mobile app, online surveys, ease of registration, and Wifi throughout the conference center
  • ??      Stop by the Datatel Board booth to give feed back
  • ??      Three T???s
  • o   Thank you

    o   Track teams

    o   Tooth fairy ??? consider getting involved!

    • ??      Don???t forget to fill out surveys and give feedback 

    David Perales (DUG Board President)

    • ??      Relationship between DUG and Datatel grows stronger and stronger
    • ??      When other conference are dwindling and not happening in difficult economic times ??? DUG continues to grow and be strong
    • ??      ???Anyone can tear a building down but it takes must more to build one???
    • ??      Thank you to ALL of the volunteers and everyone who put together the Conference!
    • ??      Stop by the Board Booth and talk about how to make new contacts and get involved!

    KEYNOTE: The Passing Zone (John & Owen)

    • ??      ???You like jugglers better than MIMES???  ??? YES!!
    • ??      Starting OFF with Bowling Ball Juggling
    • ??      Why jugglers as a keynote?  Example of partnership & teamwork
    • ??      ???WE have dropped one of the clubs?? Ummm???. ??????  And now they fill the ???space???
    • ??      ???no??? (didn???t tell my parents I was a juggler) ??? they would be ashamed ??? I told them I was in prison???
    • ??      Three important points about partnership & teamwork

    o   Set a common goal

    o   Trust each other???s ability

    o   Try not to freak out if, accidently, your butts touch and

    • ??      We get to vote on how many clubs they are going to juggle next: 8 or 9 
    • ??      ???You don???t have a filter in your Head?  Use the FILTER!!???
    • ??      Finding the music to go with a new piece and how to decide who goes first ??? wow???at some points they actually aren???t touching ANY of the blocks
    • ??      Time for a ???volunteer??? ??? that???s not good!  &8 D    And it is time for something dangerous
    • ??      The Rat Trap juggling trick ??? could lose a finger!  AND ??? there is a volunteer ??? excellent!  ???If it works it will be amazing and you will make history??? if it doesn???t ??? you???ll make the News!???  AND the Trick worked and wasn???t a fake!
    • ??      Trust / Cooperation / Must do what we are expected to do is the way to make the razor sharp machete trick
    • ??      David Perales is now on stage as a ???volunteer???  including plate spinning and the Kevorkian headgear and juggling sythe ??? impressive
    • ??      FB Fanpage and search The Passing Zone and Passingzone.com
    • ??      Men in tights doing chainsaw juggling ??? now THAT is a new one!


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