#DUGConf Closing Presentation: Victoria Labalme

Starting out with the Video of the past few days – very nice to see the highlights and the smiling faces – obviously a very good day!!! 

(personal notes)

Quotes from the video
  • important to learn about some of the Datatel partners
  • amazing the similar experiences
  • can justify next year if we come back with some new solution

(Definitely a much smaller room)

DUG Board President – Christine Kurth, Franklin University

Highlights of the past three days
  • next year let’s see the jugglers juggle the Unicorn
  • did you like the Skit at the luncheon?
  • Talking about how to take the next step and becoming a Leader in DUG – Imagine your future in the Users Group 
  • JIB JAB with the New Board
  • the point for the conference is to INSPIRE – Ideas:
  • meeting to remember what you learned
  • Lunch & Learn session
  • show people at your institution the conference site – how to download the conference materials
  • be the inspiration for others at our Institution

Prizes (THERE are Prizes???)
  • iPad & XBox – (I don’t think I filled out Any of those things… Oh Well)
  • Complete your session and conference evaluations

CLOSING Presentation: (note – this was a really good presentation and I know that I did NOT do it justice!!)

Victoria Labalme – International Acclaimed Inspirational Performing Artist

(…and she enters dancing)

  • What unexpected item is going to land on your desk (please don’t ask)
  • people are bragging about how busy they are – people like to call themselves crazy – people compete over who sleeps the least – tell people that you haven’t slept since you were six
  • What are we running to and running from and why – Thurber quote
  • What can we do and our service do to get people Off the conveyor belt 
  • Bob Dylan: The purpose of Art is to Stop Time – challenge: how can we turn our business into ART to stop time
  • three ways to harness our talent – image of a prism: as light goes through the prism it shows the full spectrum
  • how we look
  • what you are looking for you will see – the eye is a receiving device
  • what’s already here that we are missing
  • what is it about yourself … what color or talent that people don’t know about you?  
  • sharing a color / talent: examples – one of 8 children / lived in Afrika – just share something simple – There is always laughter in this exercise – people don’t want to just known for being their job but they want you to know more “velcro communication” – people like it when you know who they are – have a whole new relationship “what is it about you or your business/industry that most people don’t know OR what is the misconception that most people have about you or your company” –
  • how do we look at ourselves in a new way – we all think that there is an element that is just Wrong… we all feel that way – we hold this shroud about us – how do you take the color you think is wrong and make it an asset? – (this is about spin) – take the liability and make it an asset  …no longer “I’m sorry I’m not married … I skipped my first Divorce”
  • The Through line: the characters Mission – What Drives You?  The Through line is taking the prism of color to produce a pure result
  • When we go back with all these ideas – remind people of the Through Line: what is the goal / driving force for what we do – how do we harness for that pure result
  • how we listen
    • Listening is something that no man has ever done wrong – no man has ever listened himself out of a job
    • 87% in business rank listening as an important 
    • three types
    • not listening – cut people off
    • Pouncing idea / thought forming – we’re not listening because we are waiting to talk – Pouncing
    • Listening – the person will share and keep talking until they share some bit of who they are or information – reveal that unexpected thing
  • How to deal with interrupting
    • Apologize in advance – diffuse the potential upset
    • Apologize for interrupting – please continue
    • Acknowledge what they were saying but segway … comedians do it very easily – someone is on topic A but you need to get to topic B – make the person know that you heard them
  • how we love
    • What do YOU love doing?  What is your passion – “what RAZZS your Berry?”
    • Take your passion into your work – you Brand your work 
    • This is who I am and here are some examples
    • Knew a teacher who was into comedy – he opened his class every day with a Top 10 List
    • Why aren’t the things that you Love in your Place at work??  PIXAR gives each staff member a BUDGET to decorate their Office (how Super Cool is that????)  Bring your passion into work because it lights you up and lights up others
    • What distinguishes you from the Masses
    • Rolo May: the opposite of courage is not cowardice – it is conformity 
    • How do I bring Innovation – my unique vision – that is each person’s Talent
  • Challenge
    • take your unique idea and bring it back
    • the staging makes a difference – where are you having these dieas
    • Created mini-books – key themes in a tiny little book
    • What’s your unusual idea?  How do you build support for that?  How do you build community
    • Best way is to remember the Through Line
    • If you engage your passion you will light a fire
    • We can be fully awake wherever we are and stop time for other people by engaging our gifts
    • Don’t compete and give them your full attention and listen
    • E Pluribus Unum – every dollar has a pyramid (prism)
    • Stop – Breath – Remember the 3 pieces
    • Landmark success comes from embracing your talents

    Free PDF on FB: http://www.victorialabalme.com/facebook/The_Prism_Effect_Mini_Card_Victoria_Labalme.pdf

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