#DUGConf #28699 DUG Board Business Meeting

DUG Governing Board Membership Business Meeting

  • President: David Perales
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Karen M. West
  • Vice President Conference Committee: Moly Maley Gaik
  • Vice President Member Relations: Lee Spaniol
  • Vice President Client Advocacy: Alice Moore

  • Welcome
  • Updates from Vice Presidents
  • Q & A
  • Installation of Officers

Member Relations:
  • Conducts elections – 14 made it through the slate of officers and 5 will be installed
  • works on the SHINE Award
  • Work on the First Timers activities at the beginning of the conference – want them to feel welcome and feel that they have a place
  • Initiatives:
  • Reviews Bi-Laws in subcommittee
  • RUG support – now have guidelines to help organize and make each RUG Session productive and successful

  • Initiatives:
  • Re-writing of the member skills directory – great resource to find help for questions and issues within the user group
  • First anniversary of three active CACs
  • FIN
  • Student Web Finance
  • Position Management
  • Sub-Committee
  • IT
  • Business Relations
  • New forums
  • Cleaning up the DUG website to fix broken links, etc.
  • All new CACs have minutes, etc. out on the website
  • Conference Planning
    • Planning gets started at the end of current conference 
    • Tried to get the conference feedback ASAP – took all the results and sent an email to all the attendees re: feedback
    • New conference software – InReach
    • Start of a Best Practices committee

    Secretary / Treasurer
    • Have been building reserves but are starting to dwindle 
    • Good fiscal health

    Recognizing past board members – Thank you!

    Installation of Officers
    • Molley Maley Gaik – Secretary / Treasurer
    • Daniell Abbott – VP Member Relations
    • Russ Bilotta – VP CAC
    • Sean Philpott – VP Conference Committee
    • Christine Kurth – President

    (damn… didn’t win a gift card though!)

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