#DUGConf #28561 Admissions, Res Life, & Student Affairs Coffee Talk

Nancy Smith, Manager in Software Development – Datatel

Joe Fisher, Student System Consultant – Datatel
Bob Weisbrodt – Datatel

  • Question about Events & Activities module – school has it but they aren’t using it and are looking to use it – what types of tracking does it do, etc. – doesn’t have a web “face” – could be used through WebAdvisor but would have to design it yourself – Easy to learn (in theory) 
  • Comm Management – when you batch email… is there a way to track who opens it? – Allegany (Todd Fox) does but are using third-party (…the school knows that “Tuesdays emails are read the most” etc. through tracking!) – Mt Holyhoke can tell if their email hasn’t been opened in “three-times” and then they do a snail mail postcard asking for updated email address
  • Is anyone doing JUST email campaigns – seems to only be the international schools – most still do snail mail
  • Res Life module – 3 software updates – autoroom assignment – hopefully the first one in April? then 2nd one in September then 3rd in November – fix BUGS – will be doing some Focus Groups after DUG – looking to add Suites – Have athletics dorm with only Athletes… how do we make sure that this happens
  • Univ of Winnipeg (Lois Martin) looking at degree audit & dealing transfer credits – recommendation to talk to Registrar’s office people – are people using “block credits” ?… Degree audit won’t “like” it so it is complex – Suggest breaking down the block of credits by topic / category 
  • Who does OPEN registration (i.e. everyone at once)?  Only one (sitting at the table) – everyone else tiers – Datatel says @60/40 who break them down (perspective) – how they are broken down is all over the map (hours / days) – recommend setting up the Preferred Section – idea: could the request be done so that it goes into a queue and then it runs when your time is up
  • WebAdvisor for applicants?  Yes.. two schools – How many actually use it? – Linfield (Jill Searle) thinks about 70% – definitely cuts down on the number of calls – also helps gather information and update current information – Bridgewater College (Jarret Smith) uses WebAdvisor for their call list… Comm Management populates the call information… the Call counselors (students) and coaches also can use this for tracking – 

Thank you for a great conversation!
  • Think about: YouTube video is a real pull – Bridgewater moving more toward video (3 words to describe…) – do a video contest: create a video for incoming and get a $1k scholarship – 

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