#DUG12 ST 31437 Early Riser: Admissions, Residence Life, & Student Affairs

If you happen to read this, please know that I am just typing in the session so there are no promises for grammar, etc!!   There may also be random thoughts (I will try to (the thoughts that are my own)!

  • (first thought – I liked last year’s better when we were at round tables chatting… I feel like we are being presented to and I am not crazy about that… that is pretty much the Day ahead – A good 25 people in the room in rows facing front so how are we supposed to chat? – Boo!)
  • Business Analyst working primarily on Recruiter doing a fact finding mission 
  • Groups – Admissions / Student / Residence Life
  • Residence Life component:
    • Joe Fischer & Nancy Smith (Ellucian) – hosting – Niagara Univ / Southeast CC / Kuka College / Fresno Pacific / Pacific Univ / Allegheny College / Kuka (?) College 
    • Question: Rules on the Tuition side on – Res Life: Room parameters: rules for a refund – good billing / Accounts receivable 
    • Interest in our Housing Lottery
    • Using Auto-assign 
    • Need to incorporate meal-plan 
    • Lots of departments just make their own lists in excel 
    • Changing a room – issues with billing – run billing at the end of every day – recommendation: more status tables? … special processing code within that table
    • Wishing for: 
      • Tracking keys – some are using mailbox field / open field
      • Discipline tracking – Judicial affairs – putting together several menu options in one place and utilized communication management – Definite issues & complicated – is not good if you have one student with multiple judicials –  
  • Campus Orgs
    • Building Co-Curricular transcript through it – Internship program through Campus Orgs 
    • Also uses Campus Orgs to track athletic teams – 
    • Some are using random fields
  • Wishes & Dreams
    • Change the number of beds in a room 
    • Management of occupancy – make sure that we didn’t Miss anyone including expanded space – occupancy totals
    • More self-service – more available online – Ellucian is making that a priority but don’t know what the plan will be – not like web advisor – pretty and nicer views, etc.  Move user-friendly and visual. 
    • Rebranding “Web Advisor” but don’t know where / what it will be?

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