Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

I absolutely Love this article. Laughter is very very important to me… I like my life to be filed with laughter. I break silence with laughter, stress with laughter, awkward situations with laughter, even sadness with laughter. It lifts the spirits, brightens the soul, and … just makes you feel better. I once woke my ex up laughing in my sleep and when I told my co-workers they said, “Of Course, You laugh in your sleep!” People say that they know when I am around because they can identify my laugh…. and I laugh Out Loud and unapologetically. When I think about the question – Does God Have a Sense of Humor? I always think of some answers I’ve heard like: The giraffe… the platypus… the artichoke… What do you think? (smile)

So… some food for thought and hopefully a smile or even a chuckle!! ENJOY

Thanks to Megan on who brought this selection from Ode magazine.

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