Exploring: CRUSH

Sadly, we had to go to a viewing for someone I worked with at the University in the Early years.  A wonderful man who died suddenly of a heart attack, he touched many of us at the University with his sense of humor, intelligence, and diligence. The Funeral Home is toward the topside of the beltway, a fair distance away.  Also, it was my last day at work until January 3 so My Heart went Foursquare exploring and found CRUSH so we could celebrate the start of my holiday.
My Heart’s dinner: BLT Sandwich – lettuce, fried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and applewood smoked bacon with cole slaw & fries on the side.  A wonderful sandwich, the fresh mozzarella was perfect and the bacon was delicious

My dinner: grits & shrimp with roasted tomatoes, red pepper, bacon, and andouille sausage – it was the appetizer size but more than enough.  The sauce was a little distracting from the flavors of traditional grits & shrimp but it was good and the little bites of sausage really ramped up the flavors.
On the side, share the truffle oil fries with my Heart – not dramatically different from his fries but very nice.
Dessert (also shared): Hot Fudge Sundae with biscotti – we sat at the bar and the bartender was telling us about the dessert including the fact that the ice cream is locally made.  I don’t think there was quite enough chocolate fudge but the ice cream and whipped cream were really wonderful.
I think we’ll go back to CRUSH… I want to try their Salmon BLT sandwich

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