Crockpot Red Beans & Rice


This is one of my favorite recipes – I’ve actually made this using a crockpot for more than 20 years with just a few refinements.


Dry red kidney beans – soaked overnight in water to hydrate


Next chopped green and red peppers, onion, and jalapeno


Topped with a can of chopped tomatoes, beef broth, chopped garlic, thyme and tarragon


Stirred to mix and cover – the crockpot was set on low for the day


I got home a little later than expected but the house smelled delicious when I walked in – no problem!


I have put in sausage (this is beef sausage) at the beginning and at the end – I like it better at the end. Sometimes the sausage overcooks and tastes “soggy”. Because I was late getting home I didn’t want to risk the sausage not being “done” so I browned it first. This ended up being even better because I was able to remove a lot of the fat.


The browned sausage was stirred in and the red beans simmered for another 20 minutes until my Heart got home.


I liked to use long-grain rice (vs. short-grain sticky rice) with this recipe. My Heart’s plate was the more traditional serving with the red beans on top of the rice and just a little broth. I like mine soupier, more like soup. Add a little Tabasco, to taste.

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