Crock Pot Black Beans


I know I have posted this recipe before but this batch was amazing… not sure why it was so much better but I thought I would share – Crock pot Black Beans.


The spices – on the far left is fresh basil (we have a great basil plant this year… really producing a ton – not bad for a window garden!). In the pot: dried black beans (soaked over night in water), the ham bone that has been in the freezer from when we had ham right before Easter (it was partially defrosted, I put it in the fridge the night before), chopped onions, green peppers, jalapeno, garlic & the herbs.


Can of beef broth & diced tomatoes including the juice and just about 1/2c of the red wine we have sitting on the counter


After cooking for about 10 hours on low (put it on at 8am when I left for work) – removed the ham bones which were cooked clean.


Served up on white long grain rice with hot sauce on the side: my Heart likes his drier.. I like my Soupy – we both were very satisfied! This batch were perfect – great textures and layers of flavors… don’t know why but this one Hit It! YUM!

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