Crab Tacos

This is a great example of Here’s the Recipe and Here’s what I actually made??? *smile*  The original recipe was for a crab tostada (sorry… the recipe is from the BBC Good Food Magazine and is not available online yet) but I find tostadas to be difficult to eat (layered and having to cut through everything and get those perfect bites) vs. just picking them up to eat it .. which makes it less of a “tostada” and more of a “taco”!  So… Crab Tacos – the super simple way. 



I Love Avocados – when picking one, you want to slightly squeeze it and your fingers should “indent” just barely (depending on when you are using it) – there are few things worse than picking up an avocado and having it be totally squishy.. ICK!  You can get them slightly firmer if they are sitting on your counter for a few days and slightly softer if you are using them that day or the next day. I also like them a little softer if I am using them as chunks in a taco or salad vs. guacamole. I cut them open, remove the pit, and then, using not too sharp a knife, I do my cuts (trying very hard not to cut through the skin) and use a spoon to gently scoop it out.  A quick squeeze of lemon or lime will keep it from turning brown instantly.




Combined the cut avocado with our favorite store-bought Pico de Gallo??? unfortunately I picked up the mild vs. the HOT so…




… more lime juice and a few scoops of Mrs. Renfro’s jalapeno green salsa (to taste)… this stuff is pretty incendiary (and “I” LOVE Hot stuff) – didn’t use too much but I wanted a touch of heat




Plain lump crab meat (1 lb) – I rinsed it briefly under water but it was pretty clean – very nice



See – Super Simple and Super FAST – toasted corn tortillas, guacamole, crab – really delicious on a hot summer night

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