Cornish Pasty #1


Repeating a firmly established rule – I don’t bake.  But I did make the meat pies a couple weeks ago and they turned out ok and were well received.  So, I was thinking about dinner this week and what was leftover in the fridge and/or available.  Mashed potatoes from two different meals (actually white potatoes in one batch and red potatoes in the other) – I used the white potato mash.  I also decided to try this as a surprise and treat for my Heart… he talks nostalgic-ly about pasties (as do my kids).  So here goes:


I cooked up an entire pound of  ground sausage (savory sage) and reserved 1/2 for another meal later in the week (probably burritos).  I removed the meat from the skillet and sauteed chopped onions in a bit of the grease in the pan and then added a handful or so of frozen mixed vegetables.  My thought was to make something reminiscent of Shepherd’s Pie.  Once the veggies were slightly brown I returned the sausage to the pan.   In a cup of boiling water I mixed in Bisto to make a gravy which I added to the hot meat mixture.  I also added in some Worcestershire sauce and freshly ground pepper.  The mixture simmered and thickened – I then removed it from the heat to cool.

About that time my Heart came home and I told him what I had in mind.  He suggested, instead of making smaller pies, to just use one of the 9″ pie crusts (store-bought and ready-made) for each of the pasties – that sounded much easier.  So… first layer: slightly warmed leftover mashed potatoes – I microwaved the potatoes so that it would be malleable.

Next – the meat mixture

Seal up – use a fork to poke a few holes for steam vents
Two BIG Pasties with an egg wash
Bake at 400-degrees for approximately 45 minutes, until golden brown
Dished up, bursting it’s seams – let sit for about 10 minutes to settle
The layers were exactly what I was hoping for.  I think this first attempt was relatively successful.
My Heart was googling Cornish Pasty  websites for other ideas for the insides so I know that there will be more attempts in the future.  Yeah !!!

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