Comfort Food: Curry Ramen


I think of ramen as a real comfort food.. warm, satisfying??? yummy.  But I sometimes feel guilty because my Heart is sorta stuck eating ramen fairly often in the winter so I like to “switch it up” a little.  In Japan, ramen is frequently regional with flavors / types including a miso ramen up north in Sapporo and in Tokyo a more traditional soy-flavored chicken broth ramen (shoyu ramen).  In Yokosuka, where we lived from 1980-1983, you could get a curry ramen – which is where this idea came from.


Santa gave me the Thai yellow curry sauce in my stocking??? after tasting it, it has a lovely light curry flavor with a little touch of sweetness, I decided it would be good in this dish but wanted a little more “heat” – the Madras curry paste would take care of that while maintaining the curry flavor vs. something like sriracha sauce


In the bottom of the bowl – baby spinach


Low fat / low sodium chicken broth with 3/4-1c of the Thai yellow curry sauce and 1/2Tbsp of the Madras curry paste – simmered together for 20-25 minutes


Cooked ramen noodles drained


A heaping scoop of bubbling broth to wilt the spinach…


,,topped with the ramen noodles and then some shredded cooked chicken (I keep some picked store-rotisserie chicken in the freezer for instances like this)…

.. topped with more broth.  It was delicious – very hearty and just enough “heat” to get your attention. YUM!

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