Clay Cooker Baked Chicken


I really love baked chicken… well, if it turns out ok (don’t get my daughter started on a really dry chicken breast I made once). I’ve had this clay cooker for years but also haven’t used it for Years. So tonight was the night to see if I could remember how to use it. I figured… if it didn’t turn out – we would go Out to dinner! *smile*


Baby carrots, whole button mushrooms, some onion chunks and chicken thighs. A little olive oil, some fresh cilantro, Herbs de Province, freshly ground pepper. Cover with the top and place in a cold oven – bake at 425-degrees. The chicken took about 45 minutes to cook – the skin was nice and crispy but the chicken was really juicy.


Stovetop stuffing (was on sale a few weeks ago: 3 for $5). Made some package chicken gravy with added Herbs de Province and pepper. YUM! This made two servings and one lunch packet.

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