Christmas Eve dinner: Scrapple with Chips & Eggs


OK – I know what Scrapple is, although I have never eaten the REAL stuff because it just doesn’t sound very appetizing but when I was growing up my Godfather, who was from Louisiana.. at least that is what I remember, although he didn’t have any sort of Southern accent so maybe he just moved there when he was older???anyway, used to make “Scrapple” which we would have fried for breakfast with eggs, etc.  I haven’t made this in a long time but I do enjoy it and had a craving.  We were going to just have “nibbles” for dinner on Christmas Eve but I wanted something more substantial so my Heart suggested Chips (aka french fries) and Eggs with sparkling wine??? this is a favorite of my daughter’s from when she was living in England and would go perfectly with the Scrapple so dinner was decided.  The perfect easy dinner after going to a movie and while watching Christmas movies and enjoying some bubbly!


I normally use pork sausage but happened to have some Italian sausage on hand that either had to be used or frozen so.. there you go.  Browned, crumbled, and drained.


..and mixed with some Quick cooking grits and poured into a loaf pan & refrigerated.


Then sliced and fried in a little drizzle of olive oil until golden brown


Russet potatoes, scrubbed, cut into strips and dropped in small batches in the kids’ Fry Daddy


After the first fry – put into a warm oven to keep warm


After the second fry – golden brown and crispy


Eggs over easy – I finally perfected these??? lots of butter so that I can baste the eggs as they cook and not too high a temp so they don’t get too brown before the whites “set”


Some bacon??? can’t miss out on the bacon!

So there you have our Christmas Eve dinner – Chips & eggs with my family’s version of “scrapple” and bacon and, of course, a couple bottles of bubbly!  YUM

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