Chinese Pizza

First pictures from a very good Chinese restaurant we went to in Bethesda: City Lights of China – we tried to go to Tara Thai … the service was so awful we actually LEFT (after 20+ minutes NO One had come by our table and we were basically sitting Next to the hostess who didn’t say a word). Anyway – City Lights of China was very good. The service wasn’t great (the salt shaker has more personality than our waitress) but we did get served and the food was delicious.




Mixed Rice Noodles were wonderful, great flavors & no shortage of shrimp & pork. I had Shredded Beef with Hot Peppers and it is aptly named – some of the green you see are green onions but the majority are hot green peppers (I think jalapeno but perhaps another variety). It was a deliciously simple dish, not over seasoned but incredibly hot.  The beef was tender, perfectly cooked.
My Heart had the Moo Shi chicken with pancakes – again, a lovely delicate medley of flavors that did not overpower the chicken & vegetables served up with very delicate pancakes.


Now you have seen before, my Heart loves making very creative pizzas and he has talked about Chinese leftover pizza but this is the first time he has made it for me.  Unfortunately I missed taking pictures of the first one (which had the leftover rice noodles & moo shi)… it was the night after my wrist surgery and … well, I just didn’t think to take pictures.  BUT another night he took the rest of the shredded beef & hot peppers and created this lovely pizza.  The base is two pieces of Lavash with shredded cheese in the middle, this gives a good solid base for the toppings.  Then baby spinach, the shredded beef, shredded cheese, and some dollops of Hoisin sauce.
I LOVE my Heart’s pizza creations – absolutely delicious every time… this one was Amazing!!  YUM!

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