Chicken & Veggie Rice Bowl with Egg



Saw this recipe in my favorite food magazine: BBC Good Food and all I could think.. perfect for a ski night.  My Heart teaches part-time at one of the local ski resorts, about an hour from home. He works Friday afternoons & evenings and all day Saturday (which is when I go up with him and ski).  He doesn’t necessarily know when he will be off so he normally just calls me when he is on his way and I figure on about 50 minutes or so.  This dish is pretty much all last minute, except for the rice, which I cook in a Japanese rice cooker so it can sit and wait, no problem.  The original recipe is: Sushi Rice Bowl with Beef, Egg & Chilli Sauce and… well, I sorta followed it except for the chicken and sauce.  *smile*  Oh… and about the magazine – yes.. they have most of their recipes on their website but I really Like to have a magazine or cookbook to look through, etc…  although Pinterest is almost as satisfying.  The magazine subscription is prohibitively expensive but I found I can get it at Barnes & Nobles, which made me excessively happy!



One chicken breast cut into strips – We had beef once this week and a lovely leg of lamb on Sunday so I wanted something lighter for this meal and there was no reason it wouldn’t work with chicken



Marinade for the chicken: low sodium soy sauce, garlic, freshly ground black pepper but, instead of the sugar they had in their recipe, mirin



Carrots and zucchini, cut into matchsticks



The chicken cooked up quick in the wok with about 1Tbsp olive oil – set the chicken aside and tossed in the veggies, stir-fried until tender-crisp


Everything plated up on a bed of short-grain white rice (traditional Asian rice) then topped with a fried egg (over easy) and some sauce. In place of their chill sauce, I took the sauce that the chicken marinated in and cooked it up at a fairly high temp (NOTE: the marinade had raw meat in it so it Must be cooked thoroughly in order to be used for a sauce) – once it had reduced a bit, I added in approximately 2Tbsp sriracha sauce for some heat. Oh… and we didn’t put it in a “bowl” because all of our bowls are too small and the wrong shape – just FYI

Definitely a successful dinner – cooked up pretty quick and was very tasty although I am not sure it was hearty enough for a ski night (he comes home really hungry and needs lots of protein to make up for all that exercise!) but I know that we’ll have it again and probably “mess” with the ingredients and sauces. I love the egg on top.. a really good touch!  YUM!!

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