Chicken Livers with sherry

For some reason this recipe looked absolutely delicious to me and my Heart is really easy going!  Chicken Livers with sherry from my current favorite food magazine: BBC Good Food – They didn’t have the original recipe online but I also didn’t follow it completely (big surprise!).
Sliced onions (in the recipe) and mushrooms (my addition) sauteed in a drizzle of olive oil..
.. until softened – set aside..
2 Tbsp butter melted – added the chicken livers .. browned..
.. 2-3 minutes on each side – 1/2c Sherry – added back in the onions and mushrooms – 1/2c low sodium chicken broth – brought everything to a boil and then reduced to allow the sauce to reduce (approximately 10 minutes)
Whole grain Dijon mustard..
Added a health scoop of the grainy Dijon mustard to the homemade mashed potatoes
Turned out pretty good – the chicken livers did not dry out and the sauce was very nice – I would probably use less liquid next time and possibly remove the liver so that I could do a longer reduction without the risk of drying out the liver – the flavors of the chicken liver and the sauce did overwhelm the mustard mashed potatoes though, so I will do those with a different dish, i.e. roasted pork loin. Chicken livers probably won’t become a main staple on the menu but it was good for a change.

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