Chicken Fried Steak


I know I’ve posted Chicken Fried Steak before – I did switch this up a bit and, due to scheduling, the cooking process had to be adjusted.


Coating – 1. milk bath 2. seasoned flour (just salt & pepper) 3. egg bath 4. panko bread crumbs


Browned the breaded cube steaks in olive oil then moved them to an oven-safe dish lined with paper towels (to remove some of the grease) and put them into a 300-degree oven to stay warm until I knew my Heart was on his way home. Boiled and mashed potatoes and par-boiled the asparagus. Once my Heart let me know he was on his way, I made a cream country gravy in the same pan that was used for the chicken-fried steak, scraping up the browned bits to flavor the gravy.


The difference in this version: my Heart was caught up at work and didn’t come home until about 45 minutes later than I expected so the steak stayed in the oven for much longer then anticipated… but it turned out just fine – still tender and juicy, no problem. Microwaved the mashed potatoes to heat them up – seared the asparagus as I made the country gravy – nice hot comfort food… just what was needed after a Long Day!

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