Chicken Cacciatore CrockPot


I don’t know why I don’t make this dish more often. It is relatively inexpensive, especially if chicken is on sale, and fairly healthy. And definitely easy and convenient.


Ingredients layered into the crockpot: canned diced tomatoes (with or without seasonings, your choice), sliced mushrooms, coarsely sliced green and red peppers (I make short and relatively thick slices so they are “bite” sized but also have substance so they don’t disappear during the cooking), skinless chicken browned in a bit of olive oil in a skillet (I used thighs tonight because they were on sale – I have used legs and leg quarters in the past – I don’t generally do chicken breasts because they have a tendency to get dry and tough, especially if overcooked, and I don’t always know when I’ll make it home, etc. I have also put Italian Sausage in this dish), coarsely sliced onion (cut similar to the peppers), and finally a jar of spaghetti sauce, your choice (my Heart picked a florentine). Turn on Low and cook all day (I think it cooked about 10hrs). Cook some pasta (I used rice spaghetti pasta, gluten-free) and serve.


It is a bright and colorful dish and is very hearty and satisfying.

Future thoughts: My Heart suggested that rice would have worked as well…. he also suggested nice thick slices of bread to soak up the sauce! I also think, if I have a bottle open on the counter, a good splash of red wine would be delicious.

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