Caribbean Tilapia with salsa rice

Caribbean Tilapia with Salsa Rice - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

I seem to be coming down with something… I feel BLECK so I wasn’t feeling particularly ambitious for cooking – I think it worked out because dinner turned out just fine. Very quick with lots of spice and the melon salad from last night was exactly as my Heart predicted – even better!


First the rice – just the usual long grain white rice. I cooked it up and set it aside until my Heart texted that he was on his way home (about 15 minutes so no real commute!) – The rice was still warm, I stirred in about 1/2 cup of our favorite Fresh pico de gallo and that was that.


Four tilapia filets were rinsed and patted dry


Tried out Mrs. Dash’s Caribbean Citrus seasoning blend. The key here is No Salt – much better for my Heart. The seasoning was pretty good with lots of spice and a touch of citrus.


Coated the fillets and put them on the Foreman grill at 400-degrees for not more than 8 minutes – just until the thicker parts were flake-able. No oil or anything.


The leftover melon salad was a perfect foil to the spicy fish and rice – it was a delicious side


There you have it – Caribbean Tilapia with salsa rice – now I think I’ll go lie-down and watch Glee and hope I feel better tomorrow!

1 comment for “Caribbean Tilapia with salsa rice

  1. terri lovejoy
    June 2, 2010 at 1:46 am

    Doesn’t get much easier than that! Once again…THANK YOU for the recipe…. I LOVE the photos! makes it real!

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