Cajun Spiced Catfish with Salsa

The original recipe, from my new favorite food magazine: BBC Good Food, October Edition – Cajun Spiced Salmon.


Catfish was on sale and my Heart thought it would work well with the Cajun spices. This avocado was perfect – Firm to hold up in the salsa but not hard.


The rest of the salsa ingredients: seeded cucumber, green onion, canned corn, cherry tomatoes – Lime juice and…


… some of the new Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar we bought at the Craft Festival yesterday… my Heart’s addition to the salsa and perfect.  The salsa was supposed to have fresh cilantro but I forgot to get it from my daughter.. it would have been nice but wasn’t missed.  I basically used the recipe for the Cajun seasoning except for the chili powder (I can’t believe I didn’t have any – weird) we substituted cayenne, which worked well enough but next time More – it could have used more “heat”. Then grilled the fish on the stove-top grill with about 1 Tbsp of olive oil.
Served with plain white rice – everything turned out delicious! YUM!!

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