Cajun Maple Fish with spinach


The original recipe was for Cajun Maple Mahi Mahi – the mahi mahi was on sale but there was only one small piece left so I went with the cod, which was also on sale.


Part of the reason I choose this recipe is because my Heart gave me REAL maple syrup for Christmas. I love real maple syrup so this was a real treat. I let the fish marinade in the maple syrup & creole seasoning for about 30 minutes prior to cooking.


I cooked the fish in a small amount of olive oil – about 2-3 minutes per side in a hot skillet. I served the fish with a small mound of dirty rice (leftover from New Year’s Day) and wilted spinach. ** Notes: The creole seasoning is very very salty and I won’t use it again… we are trying to watch our sodium intake. I am going to try to create my own creole seasoning. Other than being salty, I liked this dish very much – the spicy and sweet flavors were nice and worked well with the fish. Definitely a try again!

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