Burrito Experiment #6 – BBQ Burrito


I haven’t been doing too much cooking lately – simply too crazy at work (Move-in time and the start of the semester) and too busy to be overly creative. Tonight’s meal was planned for last week… we finally got to it tonight and were pretty happy with the final product.


Idea started with this BBQ pork on sale – made sure to have our favorite tortillas on hand.


Cooked up some long grain white rice, I wanted it to be a bit spicy so added some Cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper


We wanted to have a Southern feel to these burritos so, instead of black beans or pinto beans, we did black eyed peas
** Note: for any canned beans – be sure to rinse them thoroughly, it helps to remove some of the sodium


Next, strips of the bbq pork, warmed in the microwave


A touch of Wegman’s Chipotle salsa – this salsa has a nice heat and a good smokey flavor


Finally some shredded sharp cheddar cheese


I’ve pretty much got the folding and cooking process down so the burritos hold together well. Good tortillas that aren’t dry make a huge different. I should have taken a picture of the inside once it was cooked but, frankly, we totally snarfed them down. It was a nice blend of flavors with the rice, beans, meat and BBQ sauce but also the heat from the salsa. This is definitely a Do Again burrito!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 1, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Great action photography. When you tire of the higher education gig, you can enter the culinary world … Cheers!

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