Burrito Experiment #6 – Meat & Potato


Haven’t done a burrito experiment in a while. Love burritos – especially good for last minute cooking. My Heart has been up teaching skiing today (Friday) and he gives me a call on the way home – normally 1 hour. That means I can cook the necessary ingredients and then put it all together right when I hear him come through the door – perfect.


Ground turkey (on sale this week – used 1/2 the package, approximately 1/2 lb.), chopped red pepper, onion, and two medium red potato. Browned then add a packet of taco seasoning and 1c water and simmer.


Layers: flour tortilla – meat & potato mixture – shredded “Mexican” mix cheese


…salsa – sour cream


Fold and grilled on a stove-top grill. YUM! This recipe made 3 burritos.

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