Burrito Experiment #4 Breakfast


I love breakfast burritos – I just think they are delicious. Lots of yummy things in a very handy presentation and a great way to use leftovers but also a quick meal with just a few ingredients that we keep in the kitchen.


Frozen cooked hot (or mild) ground pork sausage – I cook a chub (1 lb) of ground pork sausage for several dishes including Mabo tofu, sausage gravy & biscuits and dirty rice. To be a bit more diet conscious and since it is just the two of us, I thoroughly drain the cooked sausage and than I split it in half… half for whatever I am cooking at the time and 1/2 goes into a ziplock bag and into the freezer for when I need it… breakfast on the weekends being a Perfect use. 1 can of whole potatoes – I try to keep a can in the cupboard for emergencies… like “what shall we have for breakfast?”… chopped up, they can be used for hash or burritos or whatever and are very handy. 1/4 chopped onion – I always have bits and pieces of onion in a ziplock bag in the fridge so easy. **Note: I do sometimes add chopped peppers and such… all depends on what’s on hand. Ground beef… leftover chicken… whatever you want – it’s a bit of a hash. Combine and cook up until browned..


On a Burrito-size flour tortilla – layer 1: a bit of the “hash” mixture


Layer 2: some scrambled eggs


Layer 3: sprinkle some cheese – this is Mexican blend but anything works… heck, in a pinch, I once used a slice of American


Layer 4: a hearty dollop of salsa – this is personal choice… I wanted something not TOO saucy because I was hoping it would be pick-up-able


Roll up into a proper burrito and lay in a hot skillet or grill pan just long enough to brown


Sadly, the tortillas weren’t quite as fresh as they should have been and they cracked but, as Julia Child said “Never Apologize”… I just topped it with a bit more cheese and a dab of salsa and pretended that I meant to serve it with a fork !!! ENJOY!


Side Note: This was our first time trying this salsa and it was good… we’re trying to watch our sodium intake and many salsas are high in sodium… nice job, Trader Joe’s!

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