Burrito experiment #3 – Fajita-Style


So, my goal with the burrito experiments is a relatively healthy, inexpensive dinner that doesn’t always taste the Same and satisfies my Heart’s Mexican food cravings. With this burrito I wanted a sort of fajita taste.


I cooked up some regular converted long grain rice but added a bit of taco seasoning to it for flavor. Then I drained and thoroughly rinsed (helps reduce some of the sodium) a can of black beans. On my favorite brand of tortilla (see previous burrito #2) – the rice & bean mixture was the foundation layer


Next sauteed green & red peppers and onions – carmelized


I love buying a grocery story roasted chicken – they are relatively inexpensive and are very convenient. I pick off the meat while the chicken is still warm and I’ve used the chicken in tons of different recipes.. from quesadillas and enchiladas to chicken soup and chicken salad. The meat is always tender and generally bland so it works in any recipe that calls for cooked chicken. The next layer was just some shredded cooked chicken.


Finally some salsa – I like medium chunky types. I didn’t take a picture, but I then sprinkled on a healthy serving of shredded medium cheddar


These were pretty full burritos so the folding wasn’t pretty but finally I was able to get them grilled. I also microwave them, after grilling, for about 40 seconds just to make sure the cheese is all melty. (I think “melty” is a proper cooking term!)


The final product was pretty good and very filling. Suggestions from my Heart that I’ll try next time: add sour cream – it will add more of a saucy taste / grill the chicken slightly so that it is more like a fajita
During the summer I might also try adding fresh tomatoes and avocado.

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