Bulgogi Flank Steak with Curried rice noodles


I am really happy with how tonight’s dinner turned out.


Bought flank steak on sale, just a small piece for the two of us.  I like using Korean Bulgogi sauce for a marinade, especially for cheaper cuts of meat. It has a great combination of sweet, a little citrus, and some heat.  The steak marinated for 24 hours.


I basically followed Nick Kindelsperger‘s recipe for Curried-Pork Noodles, leaving out the pork and just using it as a side dish.





Sauteed slices of red and green pepper and onions with some chopped garlic in a drizzle of Olive oil.  I was wishing I had saved a few mushrooms from Monday’s dinner for this – next time.




Next, 1/3 of a package of rice vermicelli in a bowl and covered in boiling water for 7 minutes




Drained, and I did reserve about 1/4 of a cup of the hot water

Added the curry powder to the softened veggies – I didn’t have quite 2 Tbsp but my Heart said that it was perfect so it was fine.



Added the noodles to the curried veggies with the 1/4c of reserved liquid and mixed thoroughly
over heat until the liquid was evaporated and the rice was coated.  Turned off the heat and
added the fish sauce – just 1 Tbsp, I didn’t want it too salty, especially since we are watching
my Heart’s salt intake.



Steak on the Foreman grill for 10 minutes – medium (I might cook it a little less next time but it was nice and tender)






While the steak was cooking, coarsely chopped fresh cilantro and basil and added it to the noodles




Basically the same except I added sriracha sauce to mine, which the recipe did say could be served on the side.  I will definitely make the curry noodles again and probably fool around with the recipe now that I’ve done it once!

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