Breakfast tostadas


We ate funny yesterday (Saturday) so I woke up hungry this morning. Looking in the fridge deciding what to make… breakfast tacos? No… the corn tortillas were at the end of their “life” so they would crumble when folded. Breakfast nachos? Fun but really messy. Wait… back to those corn tortillas that will get thrown out this week. And thus came the breakfast tostada


Traditionally the tortillas are deep fried but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that so I browned them on one side in a little butter and sprinkled a mixture of cheddar & pepper jack cheese on the other side. Plain scrambled eggs were also cooking.


Put together I did a tostada shell, scrambled eggs, another tostada shell, more eggs and some medium salsa, topped with the final tostada shell, more eggs, a sprinkling of shredded cheese, and a bit more salsa. Next time I might add some cooked ground sausage but all and all a hearty and well-received breakfast!

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