Birthday Dinner: Etouffee and Black Forest Gateau

My Heart decided to find a super yummy dessert that I could also eat – no flour! … He is such a sweetheart!


Base: eggs separated, caster sugar and cocoa – Filling: 70% dark chocolate melted & mixed with eggs, separated


Black Cherries soaked in cherry vodka – base is coated in the chocolate base…


…chocolate topped with whipped cream and the marinated cherries and then rolled – this was set into the fridge overnight


Roll was topped with cocoa powder and then melted cherry jam mixed with the remainder of the marinade from the cherries


…melted chocolate crumbled on top – another coating of cocoa and some reserved marinated cherries – back into the fridge to wait for dessert


My Heart made his herb loaf – a huge family favorite – baguette sliced, not all the way through, and then coated with melted butter mixed with Herbs de Province – wrapped in foil and baked – 15 minutes wrapped up at 400-degrees and then opened up for another 10 minutes to Crisp


Etouffee is one of my daughter’s favorites! Spicy Italian sausage “balls” browned in a little olive oil – chopped green and red pepper and sweet onion added


… flour added to the sausage, peppers & onions then chicken broth to make “gravy” – cooked shrimp added at the last minute, cooked until warmed through – served up on cooked short-grain Asian rice


I have to admit to being “bad”… totally worth it though – this bread is fantastic!


Dessert was Amazing – rich and chocolaty beyond belief. Happy 25th Birthday Angela!

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