Birthday Cake: Austrian Coffee Cake


My Heart was left to his own devices for my son’s 30th birthday cake but he knows my son well… cake, coffee, brandy, whipped cream and almonds – Yup.. sounded like a plan.


Bottom layer, basic cake, which has soaked over night in double strength coffee mixed with brandy.


Middle layer: double strength coffee mixed with cream cheese and a little more brandy.


Topped with another layer of cake that had also soaked over night with the coffee / brandy mixture – note the center… a little pool of coffee & brandy, just in case the cake could soak up a little more.


Topped with freshly whipped cream.


And toasted sliced almonds and grated dark chocolate – chilled in the fridge until after dinner.


Absolutely luscious – the smoothness of the whipped cream with the bite of the coffee and brandy and soft cake – WOW.


Used almost the entire bottle of Cognac – YUM

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