Beef Stroganoff II


My 2nd attempt at Beef Stroganoff from scratch (used to use a package mix). I definitely think this one turned out better.


Thinly sliced round steak cut into strips, onion, and baby bella mushrooms sauteed in about 2Tbsp of butter until browning. Then 1 can of low sodium beef broth & about 1 c of sherry. This simmered and reduced for approximately 1 hour – the liquid had mostly evaporated and I wanted some liquid to mix with the sour cream so I added probably another 1/4c or so of sherry.


I added the sour cream right after my Heart got home from skiing – stirred it in and made sure it was hot but did not let it boil (which can make the sour cream separate). Served up on long grain white rice. There probably should have been a vegetable but I had been at work since 7:45am that morning and was just pretty damned happy that I managed to make dinner! I think it was definitely richer tasting than the last time I made it… it is getting there! YUM!

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