BBQ Pork Chops with Mac & Cheese

I’ve had a craving for pork chops lately and they were, coincidentally, on sale.  A nice home-y, very American, comfort food dinner seem like a good plan when there was a forecast for a winter storm.  The storm has somewhat petered out but this was still a good idea.

Homemade white sauce with shredded sharp cheddar, a pinch of nutmeg, freshly ground pepper and just a small splash of white wine.  I used the rice pasta macaroni for the first time.

Tossed the macaroni with the cheese sauce…


…some more shredded cheddar, more freshly ground pepper, and then a little panko on top.  Baked for approximately 45 minutes at 350-degrees.





Img_5432Sprinkled the pork chops with a little garlic powder and freshly ground pepper.  Browned in a skillet with 1Tbsp butter and 1Tbsp olive oil.







Fresh green beans – lightly parboiled but still crisp, drained and then stir-fried in a little olive oil



Added Jack Daniels BBQ sauce for the final few minutes of cooking time.  Macaroni & Cheese fresh out of the oven.




Definitely a home-y meal for a cold night.  The rice pasta worked out just fine in the mac & cheese, which is good to know.  It doesn’t have quite as appetizing a color as regular macaroni but the taste and texture was nice.  Made two servings and two leftover packets… something to look forward to for lunch!  YUM!

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