Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Indians

My Heart loves baseball so when I had the opportunity to get two Club Level seats – well… I couldn’t say no!


This time, at my son’s urging, we took the Metro from Owings Mills into Baltimore. It is a bit of a walk to the stadium but I don’t think it is any longer than our walk from where we parked last time we went to a game and it was Much cheaper than parking around the stadium (could put the saved cash toward a beer! grin) so.. Good Call, Stephen! Saying that – I don’t think I have Ever come up to the stadium from this direction – I love this building.


The Coast Guard color guard did the honors for this game so there was even a fly-over, which was very cool. (the guy in front of us was telling the people around him that NOAA flies planes in the area collecting data (WTH???) and then he had to eat his words and look pretty silly when they announced that there had been a flyover and showed the plan… LOL)


Pretty damned good seats – I like sitting here! And THAT is how good the spot is, the cameras were right in front of our section!


The city looks pretty from this view, especially as the sun is setting. We got to see Nick Markakis’ 1,000 HIT – that was cool !


A Very bad and stupid call at Third base brought the manager out to have “words” with the Umpire. I’ve actually never seen this in Person before… gestures would have made it even better. LOL But it stayed an “out”, which was just WRONG… the good part? When the guy was running for Home a couple plays later, the catcher, who had the ball, basically Body-Checked the guy and then did a Glance/Head nod to the Ump as if to say “Was THAT an Out???” It was brilliant


That’s the Orioles Bird on top of the home dugout getting some noise out of the fans! Go O’s – Sadly we lost by 1 (stupid umpire) but it was really a good game and I am totally watching for other opportunities for Club Level seats – very nice!

Bonus of the night – Fireworks NIGHT! Woot!


And does anyone else think that the middle picture (on this bottom row) looks like the alien ships coming into the atmosphere in so many SciFi movies? Totally creeped me out when I saw them on my lap top this morning… no idea why That picture turned out the way it did!

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