Baked Tilapia and Spinach


The original recipe (Baked Tilapia and Spinach) came from the weekly email I get from the grocery store we normally shop at.. I guess we can say that I used it as a reference point but pretty much made it my own dish. 


Fresh baby spinach with a drizzle of Blood Orange Olive Oil, 1/4c chicken broth, lots of freshly ground pepper


We really love this company’s products – they let us be very creative!


On top of the spinach, two tilapia fillets, patted dry, topped with a little more Blood Orange Olive Oil, dried parsley flakes, and freshly ground black pepper…


..then topped with halved grape tomatoes – Cover the casserole and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350-degrees until the fish flakes.


All finished


Definitely a do-again – super simple and quick and the flavors blended beautifully – Ideas for next time: fresh pico de gallo instead of just the grape tomato halves

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