Baked eggs in corn tortillas


I woke up this morning wanting eggs and toast.. or eggs in a frame (eggs fried INSIDE toast). Ok – so, first, I don’t (or Try really hard not to) eat gluten so that means – we don’t have any bread in the house. (and yes… my Heart is the Best and never complains that we don’t have bread in the house!) What to do to satisfy this craving? I started thinking about eggs baked in bread or in dough or in puff pastry or … well, you get the picture. So how can “I” do that? We always have tortillas in the house so here goes!


Corn tortillas “steamed” in the microwave for just a few seconds to warm and make malleable – buttered custard dishes ready to go – oven at 375-degrees


The tortillas were fairly malleable but still cracked (will try a different, thinner brand next time) but made fairly good “cups”


Eggs in place, also brushed melted butter on the tortillas a little to help with the crisping


A couple drops of tabasco sauce, sprinkle of freshly ground pepper and parsley flakes for color -then into the oven for about 30 minutes or so, just until the whites were set but the yolk was still a little runny.


I knew the eggs alone wouldn’t be quite enough so used the leftover roasted potatoes in the fridge with chopped red & green pepper and onion for hash. A dash of freshly ground pepper and herbs were also added.


Because the tortillas cracked, some of the white leaked through to the bottom –
boy am I glad I buttered those custard cups.


A little shredded cheese and salsa for garnish.
All and all, not a bad brunch.

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