Apple Ad Taking On Windows 7

OK… I know… I Know… there are Lots of PC-ers out there and my kids keep me out for now being a MAC user but… these commercials are Fun and this one made me laugh so I HAD to share. Also… if you’ve never visited Geekologie – it’s pretty cool.

This is a just-released Apple ad making fun of Microsoft’s new Windows 7. I thought it was smarmy and, despite not knowing what smarmy means or if it’s even a real word, spell check didn’t say anything so I’m going with it. Also, enough with the dirt slinging, Apple. Geekologie is 100% composed on a PC. But Apple, if you’re reading this: I’d be willing to try writing Geekologie on a high-end Macbook Pro. Just sayin’ (contact me for shipping address). Youtube Thanks to Kevin, who doesn’t take sides because the likes the way fence feels on his butt.

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