Administrative Professionals Conference – Keynote: Investing in Yourself

*** Please remember – I am typing this LIVE at the conference … including my own opinions and there are probably typos!

Keynote Speaker: Karen Gibbs

  • Financial reporter – the stock market bounces back
  • How many believe your Home is your greatest asset?  Investment portfolio?  Your children?
  • How many were taught that being Selfish was BAD?  To be a good person you need to be self-sacrificing
  • Virtues of Selfish Investing – YOU are Your most important asset & most important investment
  • should be diversified
  • rebalance yourself every now and again – if you fail to grow you minimize your returns
  • Increase person fulfillment you must invest in the total you: mind / body / spirit
  • increase the likelihood of an increased pay
  • Successful personal relationships
  • live longer
  • Story: Ms. Gibbs mother – 94 – her personal papers and diary / Story about her Aunt
  • A message from the Universe –
  • The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware book club book:
  • I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself and not the life that other’s expected of me…
  • I wish I hadn’t work so hard – No is the most powerful word in the world – we are all expendable, we are NOT the most important person in the world- setting boundaries is very important – asking for help is a human capital investment tool
  • I wish I had the courage to express my feelings – repressed feelings can manifest themselves in many ways – biggest loser: could do what he needed to do by turning his energy into what he needed to do for himself v. what he had to do for others
  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends – advises girls Not to “drop” your girlfriends – having a close friend is like having a “full length mirror and a sounding board all in one” – ask for feedback – we all know our weaknesses but we can gain insight from how other people see us
  • I wish I had let myself be happier – not everyone is born with a sunny disposition – we can all bring some bit of meaning and satisfaction into our lives by finding happiness
  • How do we invest in ourselves? Mind / Body / Spirit – we have control over our own personal nourishment – it is all about you
  • earnings potential – yes… learning – but learning doesn’t stop there – makes you a more valuable employee and your marketability – invest in your knowledge capital – as we live longer more options present themselves – try something different / be proactive – what might be needed to keep you ahead of the curve? – Knowledge capital translates into career capital
  • Your Body – spreading yourself too thin causes all sorts of tolls on your life – Nothing is more important than your health – do something about the stress / find a way to deal with it – incorporate something into your daily routine to help take away stress (exercise, yoga, deep breathing, mediation) – a good night sleep / balanced meals / balance in your life – disability insurance is important
  • Invest in your Spirit: the energy you share with the universe – keep good company –
  • Health, Energy, Creative Endeavors
  • Your cellular bank account – invest in yourself – where do you allow your energies to go?
  • Take your lunch-hour – don’t eat at your desk – Take time for yourself
  • don’t let negative people bring you down – apply the concept of Spring Cleaning: remove those people from your life
  • the more positive you are the more successful you are – surround yourself with those who bring you joy
  • A survivor of the Tsunami – what would it feel like to lose everything?
  • 81 yrs old:  I try now to find something to do every day that I enjoy … I started to paint
  • Find something to do Every day that brings you joy – to give value to others you need to invest in yourself
  • Questions:

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