7 Weird Hotels

Tired of your basic Hilton or Red Roof Inn?  Here are some very unique hotels.

First – hotel number 2: Null Stern.. you “share your room with up to six other people”.  Uh – that would be six other Strangers!  My first thought was my son – would wouldn’t share a hotel room with ONE other person who he knows and is friends with.  WOW

On the other hand – hotel number 4: Library Hotel would be my son’s dream hotel and we probably wouldn’t get him out of there for a week or more.  Can I see the decor for the erotic literature room?

And finally – number 6: Propeller Island City Lodge.  Can you imagine trying to go to sleep in a room that is entirely Orange?  Although waking Up in said room might be even more terrifying.  And, again, the thought of my son in a room full of mirrors… it would so Not be pretty!

Thanks to Weird Worm for 7 Weird Hotels

1 comment for “7 Weird Hotels

  1. Alcor
    January 16, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    I have stayed a couple of nights at the Null Stern and it was an amazing experience. Very comfortable beds, place was spotless, the service was attentive and very professional. It was much better than many 3 or 4 star hotels I stayed at. I met the founders of the concept and they really redefine the definition of hospitality and luxury. Less is more!

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