5 Tips for Running a Productive Social Media Meeting

As the year is coming to an end for us at my University, my favorite part of this was #2: Celebrate the small achievements.  Working in higher ed (and my significant other works in the health care industry so he relates)… sometimes convincing the powers that be that Social Media is important is like banging your head against a wall (which burns calories but doesn’t really reduce stress) so remembering to celebrate in the face of running up against those old school walls is a good thing.  Additionally, my boss is always telling us to remember to celebrate the achievements and successes that we’ve had during the year… but to remember to share those achievements and successes with others.  Too often, especially in Student Affairs, we are the behind the scenes people and no one really notices us unless something goes wrong… we become “oh.. those people with the cake”… the “party planners”.  The same can be said with the Social Media proponents on campus and we often end up preaching to the choir because too many people think it’s just fluff and skip “those” meetings.  But those of us who love Social Media and realize that it’s one of the best ways to reach out to this incoming generation of university students know it’s not fluff and that it’s time to really step up and take notice.  Our Class of 2014 Facebook group is amazing… there are over 500+ incoming students chatting, creating get-to-know-you questionnaires… they are seeking roommates, making plans to meet at Orientation and placement testing… they are Using social media!!  It’s really exciting to see!

So… take note of the suggestions in this article and don’t forget to say Hooray for the achievements you’ve made over the past year as you plan for the coming year!!

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