4th of July BSO Star Spangled Spectacular


This is the 2nd year that we have gone to Oregon Ridge to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra‘s Star Spangled Spectacular – I think it is going to be a tradition, at least if we think the weather will be ok… although there was a 95% chance of rain and I told everyone to dress to just sit there and get wet (unless there was thunder & lightening because then I think they would make us get off the hill.. smile).  But we’ll start with just some of the food!



How do you make mini sausages even more unhealthy? Wrap them in Bacon… totally my Heart’s idea but super tasty and Very popular!  Smoked salmon & cream cheese rolls.


Josephine’s a Dip – this is a pretty traditional Mexican layered dip but we call it that because the woman who gave me the original recipe gave it to me entirely WRONG and it took awhile to get the combinations right.  Layers: refried beans, salsa, ready-made guacamole, sour cream mixed with taco seasoning, shredded cheese – serve with tortilla chips


LOTS of my Heart’s plain cheese quesadillas, which were good with just salsa or even the layered dip. French baguettes baked at home, curved to fit on the baking brick… served these up with a sampling of brie, cheddar, stilton and smoked gouda


2nd in line – not bad… arrived at 4pm for a 5pm gate opening – 8pm concert


First part of the spread and Shannon, looking Very festive, enjoying those bacon wrapped sausages! I didn’t take pics of the rest of the courses but there was also veggies & dip, rice balls (thank you Shannon & Stephen – these were a treat since I don’t eat the bread) – fried tofu: Dubu buchim, which was super yummy, and my Heart’s Cupcake Shots – little mini store-bought cupcakes that were infused with cointreau … WOW!





You can see our spot on the hill… the space filled up pretty quick.  This barber shop quartet was wandering through singing – pretty cool





8pm the music started. It was super cool knowing that the new Marching Band director is in the BSO, he is a percussionist and we got to watch him ROCK the chimes during the 1812 Overture. He is officially on my Super Cool People List! This little girl was Very festive!  Although there was a 95% chance of rain… the storms skipped us and the sky stayed beautiful.






Finally the fireworks… a great day and a great very American celebration in honor of the 4th of July!

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