4th of July BBQ Ribs


We did July 3 Sunday Roast at Oregon Ridge listening to the BSO Star Spangled Spectacular (I’ll post those pictures next) but then we had another family dinner on the 4th at the kids!


Potato salad with cubed cooked white potatoes, chopped celery, red onion, cucumber and carrots, a touch of ranch dressing and mayo and freshly grated black pepper


Asian Slaw with cole slaw cabbage mix (pre-packaged), grated ginger, mandarin oranges (canned), and Trader Joe Fat Free Asian Ginger salad dressing


My Dad’s BBQ spare ribs: pork spare ribs sprinkled with Montreal steak seasoning and slow cooked in a 250-degree oven for 2+ hours – raise the temperature to 350-degrees for about 15-20 minutes after coating with BBQ sauce to let it caramelize a little. BBQ sauce: ketchup, grainy mustard, garlic powder, hot sauce (to taste), brown sugar, lemon juice, Worchestershire sauce – totally my dad’s recipe!


My Heart’s Red White & Blue sundaes for dessert with Irish Cream whipped cream (and the strawberries were marinated in sherry & mango rum) YUM!!

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