3 Social Media Lessons from the Restaurant World

This article caught my attention initially because I am a bit of a foodie (I guess you know that from my Sunday Roast blogs and all the food pictures on FB). I thought it was an interesting way to look at what we are doing in social media also. Nothing earth shaking but another perspective. When I think about restaurants and social media two examples from just this week come to mind. Qdoba is actively on Twitter – including pictures and locations and info and every week they do a food quiz and offer a free meal to the first 20 followers with the right answer. I know for a fact that people Watch for this – which means they are also reading all the Qdoba Tweets. Another example – Outback – I saw a note on Facebook that said that some of my “friends” had gotten free Bloomin’ Onion. Well, of course, I wanted to know how “I” get a FREE Bloomin’ Onion so I became a Fan of Outback and from the news feeds, so did lots of my other “friends”. It’s great seeing companies, especially larger companies, jump on the social media bandwagon in creative ways. I don’t feel like they are just throwing advertising at me (because I would so Stop following them if they did)… It’s more like relationship building!

Thanks to Chris Allison on mashable.com


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