2012 Menu 8 & 9: Feb 19 – Mar 3


It has been a couple of THOSE Weeks – crazy crazy busy which meant I barely cooked – Here is a snap shot.

Feb 19 Sunday Roast: Beef Enchiladas – ground beef was on sale so I split it three ways: one for this recipe / one for the kids to use during the week / one for crockpot chili later in the week.
Feb. 20: Fish Monday – Smoked Salmon Chowder .
Feb. 21: Crockpot Chili – Perfect, using some of the ground beef that was on sale – Tuesday is one of my really late nights so a crockpot is perfect and my Heart was heading off to Las Vegas for a couple days, speaking at a conference.  The leftovers are perfect for lunch.
Feb. 22 – Feb 23: Included a dinner with my kids, dinner in the cafeteria at work and a couple dinners out once my Heart returned home.
Feb. 24: We went up skiing.. unfortunately I was hit by a snow boarder so the day didn’t end well.  We thought I broke my arm but, fortunately, it was just a severe contusion but that meant we were home for dinner – I didn’t take pictures of my Heart’s very yummy quesadillas.

Feb 26 Sunday Roast – Paella & Bananas & Ice Cream – I wanted a super simple dinner because I was still really sore… sort of like being in a car accident.

This is a great desert and very easy
Feb 27 was a No-Fish Monday – My Heart & I ate in the cafeteria and then went to the Multicultural Week event: Native American & Chinese Lion Dancers.
Feb 28: BBQ Chicken Nachos – One of the best things about having Late meetings – my Heart’s creations!  Starting with leftover store-bought rotisserie chicken and adding BBQ sauce and some whiskey.
Now those are BBQ Chicken Nachos !
Feb. 29 – Dinner out with friends at Iron Bridge Wine Company – my sirloin steak with braised kale and potato puree.
Mar 1 – Another late meeting night but fun because of the Multicultural Week event: African Dance class.  I was still too stiff to actually dance but got lots of pictures and enjoyed watching everyone have fun – Live drummers is such a treat.  We went out for wings once I finished my meeting.
March 2 – Fisherman’s Chowder – Haven’t had this in ages and didn’t quite follow the recipe but still delicious.
Lunch out with the kids – my son’s girlfriend made me the finest origami crane I’ve ever had – so cute
Mar 3 – Pork Chops with Bubble ‘n’ Leek Cakes – this recipe is a great example of the success of menu-ing.  This has been on the menu for at least 3-weeks but never quite got made… but I knew that I had the ingredients and it was actually perfect for this dinner after my Heart’s day on the slopes… his last for the season because the resort has closed due to the lack of snow.

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