2012 Menu 7: Feb 12 – Feb 18


This was a pretty crazy week and I actually only managed to cook twice – Thank goodness my Heart is a creative wiz in the kitchen.. I am so lucky


Sunday Roast was nice warm and comforting Clam Chowder with an old school dessert I haven’t made in forever:  Lemon Lush


Fish Monday: Fish Tacos – not too original but always a favorite!


Tuesday was Valentine’s Day – I had my usual 9:15pm meeting but my Heart was coming with me to tape some interviews for an event the International Student Association (ISA) was participating in.  The plan was to go out to dinner before the meeting but my Heart picked me up from work and said that he had forgotten something at home??? Surprise – he made pizza!  Stuffed crust pizza with onions, peppers, bacon on top of tomato paste & mozzarella.. a lovely and very delicious treat!

Wednesday my Heart ended up at an event in NYC so I stayed at work, grabbed a bite with the boss in our dining facility and went to see the University’s production of the Vagina Monologues. 



Thursday: I had cancelled the meeting I normally have at 7pm because I knew I was over on the other campus for a meeting until at least 6:30pm and didn’t want to risk being late??? good call because I didn’t leave that campus until almost 7:30.  Came home with the intention of going out but, once again, my Heart surprised me with an oddly delicious Indian Burrito filled with shredded chicken, onions, peas in a madras paste – quirky and absolutely wonderful.


Friday: Finally made something that was ON the menu – an adapted English “Fry Up” ??? Ok??? Not quite but still not bad.  Oven roasted “chips”, fried ham steak, vegetarian baked beans, and two fried eggs.  Not the healthiest of meals (although the oven roasted chips had less than 2Tbsp of olive oil on them but they were still very crisp and tasty) but very satisfying on a “ski” night.  Yum!

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