2012 Menu 6: Feb 6 – Feb 11

I started this but then my poor Eleanor (the Macbook) crashed and all was lost.. so let’s catch up.
Sunday Roast was also SuperBowl Sunday so it was quite a feast including PizzasLayered Mexican Dip, and Much Much More.
Fish Monday and time for something much lighter after all that SuperBowl food: Broccoli Fish Roll Up.
Tuesday: My Heart made nachos on my late night – I love his creative nachos – this one with BBQ chicken, cheese, and eggs on top – yum.
Wednesday: Burrito Experiment #10 – Smothered Burrito – this one turned out almost exactly the way I wanted and was a good use for the leftover Sombrero Dip from the SuperBowl Feast.
Thursday was the International Student Association Back to School Party so my Heart brought us Noodles & Co. for dinner and stayed with me for moral support until the dance ended at midnight – he is a wonderful man and I am thankful every single day that he choose me!
Friday: Totally NOT what I had planned but ended up being what I made – totally yummy for a ski night, when my Heart gets home Hungry!  A Basic Frittata with sausage and potatoes.

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