2012 Menu 4: Jan 22-28


This was a pretty good week, menu-wise, but that wasn’t really difficult because my Heart was away for two nights, which meant I likely didn’t cook or went out.  Started out with my Heart’s Birthday Dinner for Sunday Roast, which included the Boston Creme cupcakes (above) and..

Apple Mustard Pork Tenderloin with all the fixings
Fish Monday was a wonderful Salmon Chowder with smoked salmon and cheese quesadillas – definitely a Do Again recipe
Tuesdays I have a late meeting – the meeting ends around 10pm.  With my Heart away – I just came home and whipped up some fast and simple scrambled eggs
Not very exciting but good enough – 3 eggs scrambled up with some chive cream cheese spread that needed to be used up.
Wednesday I was at work late for an event so I had dinner in our Marketplace cafeteria with my boss.
Thursday nights I have a meeting until 8pm and my Heart was home around that time so off we went to Famous Dave’s BBQ
Had a coupon that ended up being worth one entree ($15 value) – which is better than a kick in the butt – had a mixed rib platter with spareribs and baby back ribs w/ a side of fries & green beans.  Not the healthiest but not the worst either.
Friday, after my Heart spends the afternoon / evening skiing – I Love ramen.. just such a great comfort food.  Switched it up this time – Curry Ramen
Saturday I wasn’t able to go skiing.. sadly, one of my co-worker’s mother passed away so I stayed home to go to the funeral.  Had to throw something together for lunch so, for the send weekend in a row, Eggs Benedict Florentine…  yes, I know.. not very interesting but they were really yummy and I needed to use up the English muffins.

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